Landwest is one of the best land companies out there. Their work is conscientious and accurate. I can give them a job and know they will do the research, do the work, and the paperwork will be accurate.

They do great work - conscientious with real attention to detail. Shawn instills everyone with honesty and

My personal view is that two important ingredients are required to be a successful land agent. The first is to do good work for both parties in any issue. The second is strong relationships. I often knock on the same door many times. You get to know people. It’s rare when I’m not treated to good old Alberta farm hospitality.

Lowell Haynes, Land Agent Landwest Resource Services Ltd.,

Shawn and his people are a new breed of land agent, a breath of fresh air with a whole new attitude. Yes, they’re there to do a good job for their client, and, at the same time, I’ve never felt pressured. They’re honest and up-front. Whenever I need anything, they’re right there.

Landowner and Synergy Group Member,