At Landwest, we care about what we do. We want to know you -- and your needs. In an age of technology, we still believe in face-to-face meetings. We specialize in surface land acquisition/public consultation because we take the time to get to know everyone involved. We're able to work smoothly and efficiently because we care.

Landwest believes in each client's right to professional, courteous service. With this in mind, we are committed to:

  • achieving specific company requirements & objectives
  • addressing client needs promptly
  • respecting client privileged information
  • communicating clearly and effectively (i.e.: reports, project status, etc.)
  • providing clients with successful negotiations and resolutions
  • utilizing our land administration expertise to create accurate documentation
  • acquiring agreements, crossing agreements, approvals in a timely manner

Our philosophy of caring doesn't end with what we do here at Landwest. It begins with who we hire. We support the Olds College Land Agent and Land Administration programs. We've hired graduates, participated in work experience programs and spoken to future employees in this field. We care about our industry because we care about our clients.